Fire and Ice: Part 2

Liam Chester, aka The Scorch Mark. Scorch Mark was a bit much, but I liked the name Liam. It fit him, sweet with some air of authority. I was planning to use his name to find out more about him through the black market, but a quick Google search revealed everything for me. No secret identity and with a movie star smile he was more of a celebrity than a superhero. Something for this city to fanboy over. I thought this defeated the purpose of the anonymity of people like us but it’s not like I’m any better.

The information I found didn’t surprise me. Born and raised in Haven City. Two loving parents. Cute little upbringing. A bit happier for an origin, but if one of us had to have the tragic backstory I fill that spot perfectly. But that’s for another time. All I wanted was his address, which also wasn’t hard to find. The biggest house with a security like Fort Knox made sense for someone like him.

I kicked my feet up onto the coffee table, flipping through another sleazy magazine with him on the cover. ‘Red Hot Star!’ in bold letters under an obviously posed photo of him. As goofy as it is, seeing him full body in an-we’ll call interesting-version of his suit was doing something for me.

The front door opened, the sounds of girls screaming, and camera flashes follow suit. The door shut again, and a heavy exhausted sigh. My chest clamped tight. I knew that sigh. I peeked my head up, gazing at him from behind the couch. He hadn’t notice me, just ran slender fingers through his hair, slinging his jacket off. I quickly tried to gather every new detail about him and store it away permanently. Moles speckled onto his arms like beautifully messy paint splatter. A scar running across his shoulder, faded from time, too small to be from a fight or battle. I wanted to run my lips down it, nibble at every mole. I wanted to see more.

I kept my eyes locked on his figure, but as I heard a zipper being undone, I panicked. My wish was coming true WAY too soon. I wasn’t above being a peeping tom or some weird pervert, I welcomed new titles, but with my pounding heart and my nerves and the fact that it was not going to happen like this, I just straight up panicked.

“What are you doing!?” I practically screamed, shot up more, revealing my torso. Liam snapped his body to me, holding his pants up with a fraction of a second left. His eyes bulged. My eyes bulged. I was about to see him in his boxers.

Holllly hell I almost saw him naked.

“What are you doing!?” His yelling broke through my wandering dirty thoughts. I looked up at him, putting on my usual scowl.

“Waiting for you!”

“You’re supposed to be in jail you creep!” He buckled his pants up again. I stood up.

“Well I’m out, supposed to be or not.” He eyed me up and down angrily.

“Were you trying to see me nude?!”

“Who gets undressed in their living room!?” I saw the flare in his irises right before the larger flare in his hands. He stepped towards me.

Well this didn’t go how I planned.

I raised my hands in defense, getting ice ready just in case.

“Woah woah Sparky! You said you don’t come to fight, right?” He paused, lowering his attack stance slightly.

“Well this time, neither am I. I just wanted to um…say uh…”

“You just wanted to say what?” He flamed out, crossing his arms. He has dropped his act for the most part, a goody two shoes who’s too tired to act all smiley. He wasn’t as simple as I thought he was before. He was sarcastic with a snide to his voice. And I might be the only one he shows this to. I wanted to be the person came home to after a long day with that voice. Someone to rub his knotted shoulders and tell him everything is ok as he ranted. I wanted to be the one he showed his real side to.

Lost in my daydream I realized I still hadn’t given him an answer. And once again, because my perfect spontaneity just killed itself apparently, I went to the first thing I thought of.

“Hi?” Hi. Hi. I broke out of jail into his house with hours of waiting for him and what came out is fucking HI!?

“Hi. You’re under arrest.” He stepped closer to me again.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! We’ve both fought and talked so much, we don’t even know any names, either of them. Shouldn’t mortal enemies at least know something about each other?” Liam turned his head down, forehead creased in thought. I blinked nervously. This could go either way. He could give me ten minutes. He could kick me out. He could kick my ass. He could give me a chance and have a heartfelt moment to moment that lasts all night. In my dreams maybe.

As I tried to swallow my heart Liam turned his gaze towards me. I quickly placed a cocky smirk on to shield my anxiety. He sighed and stuck his hand out reluctantly.

“Scorch Mark. You aren’t getting my real name.” Too late honey, but I won’t burst his bubble just yet. I grabbed it, warmth beating against my chilled skin.

“Freezer Burn.”

Published by

E.G. Baum

E.G. Baum currently lives in Omaha Nebraska, obtaining her degree in education library sciences at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Her goal is for one day to be published.

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